Colds Around The World
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Colds Around The World

Sore throat, stuffy nose? Do you make a cup of tea?    Reach for an orange?    Eat a clove of garlic? When you experience symptoms or have premonitions of a common cold what do you do? What foods do you eat, drinks do you consume? Or, conversely what do you avoid?   I am doing a … Continue reading

What’s On your Plate?  I am asking you…
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What’s On your Plate? I am asking you…

The project: Daily Dinners 2- A portrait in Food  This project seeks to explore the context and stories that surround food and food behaviors. This is a follow up on my project `Daily Dinners- a Portrait in Food`completed in 2011. I am interested in ordinary daily dinners. This could be anything from homemade, microwaved, take … Continue reading