Artist Statement

I see, every day, the challenges in front of us:  climate change and environmental degradation, war, injustice, inequality, and economic lunacy.  There is a parade of statistics, policies, textbooks, blogs, advertisements sound bite, commentary, and scientific research.   I want to see inside that the shape of basic human interactions, the way we relate to our surroundings, the curve in the fundamental cyclic nature of things, the patterns of growth and change.  I want to bring out that perception through the use of visual representation, by means of installation, painting, drawing, photography and audio.  And I want it to be conversational, an engagement, a means to community involvement and participation.   I’d like the viewer to bring the conventional wisdom ‘off the wall’ to the table.

The idea of being at the table is a way of acknowledging all the things that get placed there, day in and day out, as well as the people that sit there.  So it evokes my own evolving, perpetual discovery and unfolding understanding of the world around me, and how other artists perceived that world, and how we can interpret and act in the world ethically.  There are clear influences in my work.  Van Gogh and other impressionist painters are amongst the Western masters.  Shazia Sikander has a large presence individually, and as a portal into Middle Eastern tradition.  Contemporary artists such as Mark Dion, Walton Ford, and Tim Gaudreau, are also influential as more directly engaged in what might be called ‘eco art’.  Edward Burtynsky, who has such a large local presence as well as a global one, has been a major influence as has the work of Peter Menzel, especially in the way they address scale.

I don’t think of my work so much as ‘finished product’ as an exploration into questions, into context, into different media and manners of expression that are meant to evolve and grow and hopefully be part of a bigger conversation with others.


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