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Colds Around The World

Sore throat, stuffy nose?

Do you make a cup of tea?    Reach for an orange?    Eat a clove of garlic?

Botanical study- GarlicPen and Ink  2013

Botanical study- Garlic
Pen and Ink 2013

When you experience symptoms or have premonitions of a common cold what do you do?
What foods do you eat, drinks do you consume?
Or, conversely what do you avoid?


I am doing a research project investigating quotidian alimentary responses to cold symptoms.

I am looking to gather experiences form individuals with different geographical, ethnic, cultural backgrounds so as to compare and contrast the associations (cold symptoms-> food/drink-> get better) and how these are influenced by these factors. The results and findings will be presented in a visual, artistic format.

What I want from you:

1.What do you do when you experience the symptoms of a common cold (food or drink)?

2. Where/ how did this cold behavior arise? (eg. who told you to do this, what event triggered this association etc)

3. Where did you grow up? (city, country)

4. Where did your mother / primary caregiver grow up?

5. Do you feel your geographic/ ethnic/ cultural origins have influenced or shaped your response to cold symptoms?

6. Any additional comments/ stories/ recipes or remarks?

Please comment below, I would appreciate your participation!


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